There is a wide range of batteries in the market, including batteries in mobile devices, laptops, power tools, toys and camera. Many of them consist of valuable materials like zinc and magnesium, whereas many others have toxic metals like lead, mercury and cadmium. Under all the circumstances, used rechargeable batteries should not be dumped in the garbage, as they are hazardous waste and extremely harmful to the environment.

Sell scrap batteries to us:

All the types of batteries are recyclable. We, scrap dealers collect at our processing facility. You can sell,

  • Rechargeable batteries – electronic and photographic equipment, gaming equipment, mobile phones
  • Lead acid – automotive applications, exit lightings
  • Button cells – hearing aids, watches
  • AA, AAA, C, D type/rectangular 6 and 9 volt batteries – radios, remote control cars
  • Cylindrical alkaline batteries
Bring your scrap batteries to us or arrange a pickup service from us. We will check the purity, quality and weight before paying you money. Call us at 0405 190 246 for a free quote.