About 75% of copper metal products are created from recycled copper, wire production being an exception. Recycling the copper reduces the energy output and harmful emissions in comparison to processes like mining, refining, milling and smelting which are used to produce new copper material.

Sell scrap copper to us: 

Copper is one of the most desirable metals and highly recycled. With Power Scrap Metal, one of the most reliable copper scrap dealers in Melbourne, you get ensured of great prices. Additionally, if you have large quantities to sell, we can also arrange a convenient and easy pick up from the required location. In the current scrap metal industry, the scrap copper prices vary depending on the grade of the metal you are selling. We only quote the price on the specific copper scrap the client is selling to us.

  • Copper millberry or bright stripped copper wires
  • Copper pipes and tubes
  • Copper insulated wires
  • Copper utensils and miscellaneous items
  • Copper sheets
  • Copper electronic motors

Recycling Scrap Copper:

Copper has been in great demand lately, primarily due to rise in electronics manufacturers. Recycled copper is worth 90% of the original cost of pure copper. It is easier and cost-effective to recycle copper in comparison to mining it from the sites. In a better sense to being eco-friendly, recycled copper means lesser harmful carbon dioxide emission. Supporting the ultimate cause of cleaner environment, we source the scrap copper from various locations after finest quality check. The clients can be at peace of mind, with us as their copper scrap dealers, regarding the prices on the copper scrap being sold.

Scrap copper prices per kilogram vary daily. So, it is a great idea to check scrap copper prices in your area before you head to the local Australia scrap yard to sell your scrap copper. Moreover, our range of services is ever expanding and our team ensures that the client’s needs are always met. For details and a free quote, call us at 0405 190 246.

Our range of services are ever expanding and our team ensures that the client’s needs are always met. For details of scrap copper prices in Melbourne call us at 0405 190 246.