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  • We Buy All Types

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Prices Scrap Metal Sellers Love!

Looking for the best scrap metal price in Melbourne? Sell your copper scrap to us and we will make sure you get the best price per kilo!

Why are the scrap metal prices for copper scrap so high?

Copper is extremely valuable, versatile and can be recycled almost indefinitely. About 75% of copper metal products are created from recycled copper, copper wire production being an exception. Recycling the copper reduces the energy output and harmful emissions in comparison to processes like mining, refining, milling and smelting to produce new copper metals.

Because copper is used so widely and recycling copper reduces both the cost and footprint of manufacturers, it is in high demand from all sorts of industries. If you’ve got some excess copper wire or other scrap sitting around useless, you’re in luck! We offer the best price per kilo for copper in Melbourne.

For the best prices of scrap metal, sell scrap copper to us!

Copper is one of the most desirable metals and highly recycled. For you, that’s good news — per kilo, copper has one of the highest prices for scrap metal.

With Power Scrap Metal, one of the most reliable copper scrap metal dealers in Melbourne, you know that you are getting the best scrap metal price possible. We can accommodate large quantities of scrap metal, arranging a convenient and easy pick up from your property or work site. In the current scrap metal industry, scrap copper prices vary depending on the grade of the metal you are selling. We only quote the price on the specific copper scrap the client is selling to us, so you know exactly what you will be getting before we show up with your money — no surprises and no backing out.

We offer the best price for:

  • Copper millberry or bright stripped copper wire
  • Copper pipes and tubes
  • Insulated copper wire
  • Copper utensils and miscellaneous items
  • Copper sheets
  • Copper electronic motors

Why recycle scrap copper?

Copper has been in great demand lately, primarily due to the rise in electronics manufacturing. Recycled copper is worth 90% of the price of pure copper AND it is easier and more cost-effective to recycle copper in comparison to mining it.

Recycling scrap metals like copper means that less harmful carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere and less resources are used in the long run. If left to waste, scrap metals can also start to release harmful toxins into air and ground.

Basically, with scrap metal recycling, everyone wins! The environment is better off, manufacturers spend a bit less money on materials and you get paid to get rid of your unused scrap!

We make the process as simple as possible to get rid of your scrap copper: just give us a call at 0405 190 246! We give you a quote for your copper and come pick it up from your property at a time that suits you, money in hand.

How do I know I’m getting the best price for my copper?

You can be at peace of mind with us as their copper scrap dealers, regarding the prices on the copper scrap being sold.

Scrap copper prices per kilo vary daily and on the specifics of the scrap metals you have — the state it’s in, whether or not it is clean, etc. It is a great idea to check scrap copper prices in your area before you head to the local Melbourne scrap yard to sell your scrap copper.

Regardless, we keep up to date with the latest prices for scrap copper — specifically the type that you have to sell — and make sure that what we are offering is an accurate reflection of your copper’s worth and the current market.

Our range of services are ever expanding and our team ensures that our clients’ needs are always met. With the best scrap metal prices Melbourne has to offer, and the best service, you can’t afford not to go with Power Scrap Metal.

Want to find out more about our scrap metal prices? For a free quote, call us at 0405 190 246!

About Power Scrap Metal

We have been helping the people of Melbourne get rid of their copper scrap for over a decade and are committed to providing the best scrap metal recycling service in the city. We pay the best prices for your metal scrap: aluminium, brass, stainless steel, bronze, lead — the list goes on. If it can be recycled, we will offer you a price.

We provide our Melbourne copper recycling services with a smile and can handle any recycling job, big or small.

Got scrap metals like aluminium, brass or stainless steel lying around as well as copper scrap? Give us a call at 0405 190 246 to arrange a pick up today!

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