The alloy elements of stainless steel such as nickel, chromium and molybdenum can be easily separated from other materials. This makes stainless steel a highly valuable scrap.

Sell stainless steel scrap to us : Stainless Steel is commonly used in automotive, construction and transportation sectors due to the visual appeal, easy to clean properties and durability. We can buy many products ranging from simple cutlery to complex surgical instruments like,

  • Kitchen equipment
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Exhaust systems
  • Bathroom faucets, sinks and other surfaces
  • Passenger car rails

Application of recycled stainless steel : This scrap metal can be 100% recycled without losing any of its properties. The recycled stainless steel can be used in,

  • Household : Cutlery, cookware and kitchen appliances
  • Construction : Corrosion resistant curtain roofs and walls
  • Food storage : Bacteria resistant food storage and easy cleaning/sterilisation
  • Healthcare : Surgical instruments and machines
  • Transport : Passenger rail cars in high speed trains
Our range of services are ever expanding and our team ensures that the client’s needs are always met. We collect other forms of metal scrap too. For details and a free quote, call us at 0405 190 246.