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Are you stuck with scrap metals that you have no idea what to do with? Do you have piles and piles of scrap metal lying in a scrap yard, rusting away and poisoning the air and ground? Why not sell it?

At Power Scrap Metal, we see the potential in all scrap metal and we will pay the best prices in Melbourne. We are premium metal recyclers and provide excellent service to our clients every time.

Want to get started with recycling scrap for money? Call us today at 0405 190 246 for a free pick up anywhere in Victoria!

The best metal scrappers in Melbourne

We buy tons of scrap metal from industries, builders, plumbing companies, car/vehicle wreckers, and electricians! We provide our services for industrial, commercial and even residential clients — if you’ve got scrap metal in need of recycling, we’re the one you need.

If you are looking for scrap dealers in Melbourne to sell your huge chunk of scrap metal, Power Scrap Metal provides you with an alternative to the wasteful scrap yard.

Sell your metal scrap to us and get the best price!


Don’t know what to do with all of your scrap metal? Recycle it!

Power Scrap Metal is a scrap metal recycling specialist — one of the largest privately owned and fully licenced scrap metal dealers in Melbourne. Apart from scrapping, we also specialise in sorting, recycling, dismantling and processing a wide range of metals. We buy ferrous and non ferrous scrap from various industries and other sources like builders, wreckers, and many more.

We provide extensive services right from scrap metal pick up in Melbourne to recycling! If it involves scrap metal, we are on it!

We have a team of highly trained scrappers skilled in managing collection, transportation, storage, disposal and recycling different kinds of scrap metals. Our services also include scrap machinery removal, farm clean up and once-off scrap yard metal clearance.

We are a leading copper scrap dealer in Melbourne. Apart from scrapping and recycling copper, we deal with other metals, including aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, steel — whatever you’ve got!

Type of Scrap

Car Removal Aluminium Brass Copper Bronze PVC Cables And Wires Engine Stainless Steel Lead Batteries Electronic Motors Other

Business Excavation Commercial Electricians Plumbers Builders Wreckers Industrial Engineering Other


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    Sell Your Scrap


    We have the vast experience and professional expertise to remove, transport, and recycle a wide range of metal scrap. We are a licensed, privately owned business and provide services for industrial, commercial and even residential clients.

    We work quickly and safely so that your scrap metal is vacated in the most efficient way possible and you can move on with the rest of your day, money in tow. Convenience is key with us — we believe that recycling scrap should be as easy as possible and are committed to simplifying the scrap metal recycling process.

    There’s more — when you hire us, you will get:

    • The most competitive scrap metal recycling prices on the market
    • Same day services for scrap metal recycling
    • Transparency in the weighing of scrap metal
    • Public weighbridge facilities
    • Knowledgeable and friendly recycling staff
    • Service with a smile

    How do I know how much my scrap is worth?

    How much we pay you for your scrap metal depends on the purity, quality and weight of what you’ve got. Ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal will also be judged differently.

    Different metals will be worth different amounts; for example, copper is one of the most sought after metals in the scrap metal recycling industry and will get you the highest prices.

    Regardless of what scrap metal you have, we will offer you a price for it and commit to recycling it. Call us today at 0405 190 246 for a free quote and free pick up. Don’t let your scrap go to waste in a landfill – sell it to us for money!

    Keep your metal out of the scrap yard and turn it into something useful! We offer recycling for a range of scrap metal types and the best prices for your scrap! Call us now at 0405 190 246 to book your free pick up!



    What Others Say

    Kat Deo


    We had requests in multiple industry branches and once we found Industry we were sure that we would need to talk only to one organization about all our needs. Industry with its provide 8 – 35m3 hook bins for industrial/Farms Job Sites. We are happy to say that every job was done on time and with high quality.


    In the need of the total cultivation control and overseeing of the agriculture processes we've selected Industry which ended to be our best corporation decisions. All our problem were solved quickly and professionally by the power scrap metal team.
    Jhon Deo


    In the need of large quantity of the metal products like profile and sheets we've found that all we need can be found by the Industry. Our power scrap metal company with millions of machines produced each year has found supplier of the high precision sheets which can be used in all our machines.