We strongly believe that people should stop digging the aluminium cans because preserving PVC cables and wires is where the real scrap gold is. The key to getting a great price for these materials is by knowing how to collect, sort and bring it to a proper scrap metal dealer and recycler.

Sell your scrap to us : The materials which you sell at our facility are sorted, sliced and processed according to the material. The processed scrap is packed and sent to a facility which re-melts the raw material and creates new products.

We are open to receiving :

  • PVC Insulated Copper
  • Copper and Aluminium Wires – Low and High Grade
  • Millberry Copper Wire Scrap
  • Copper Candy Cable
  • Burnt Copper cables and wires
  • Domestic Copper cables and wires
  • Armoured Copper Cable

Recommendations : Before you plan to sell your PVC cables and wires, consider the following.

  • Avoid stripping insulation from the wire
  • Separate wire by type and material
  • Remove the non-metal materials and contaminants
  • Directly deal with a scrap metal collection facility
  • Check for calibrated scales
  • Check for the certifications of the buyer facility
  • Look for other recyclable material in your property too
Our range of services are ever expanding and our team ensures that the client’s needs are always met. For details and a free quote, call us at 0405 190 246.