Recycling brass from scrap is a natural solution to avoid wastage of natural resources such as copper and zinc. The brass industry all across the world strives on recycled brass, which is an economical and sustainable method.

Sell your brass scrap to us : Brass can be found in abundance in all our living spaces. We collect,

  • Bathroom and kitchen taps
  • Seat belt fittings
  • High-touch applications in hospitals
  • Screws and pins
  • Door handles, bolts, locks
  • Letter boxes
  • Window fittings
  • Hand rails
  • Zip fasteners, buttons and coat hooks
  • Jewelry and ornaments
  • Light fittings and electrical sockets
  • Hose fittings and garden taps
All of the brass objects mentioned above will be available for recycling, at the end of their life. Bring your brass scrap to us or arrange a pickup service from us. We will check the purity, quality and weight before paying you money. Call us at 0405 190 246 for a free quote. Make your brass sustainable with us.