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  • We Buy All Types

    Of Metal Scrap

  • Australian Owned

    Fully Licensed

  • Call For Free Quote

    0405 190 246

Aluminium Recycling Melbourne

If you’ve got some spare scrap aluminum lying around your Melbourne property, why not sell it? Power Scrap Metal pays top dollar on the spot for your aluminium scrap and will ensure that you get the best prices for your scrap metals.

Contact us at 0405 190 246 to arrange your free pick up today!

Why is recycling aluminium important?

Aluminium is one the most cost-effective metals that can be recycled efficiently. Recycling aluminium only uses 5% of the energy needed to create a comparable amount from raw products. Rather than letting aluminum sit and waste away, releasing toxic chemicals into the air and ground, you can recycle it and ensure that it is put to good use.

Recycling aluminium is a small but impactful way to make a difference and it has never been easier! Just give us a call, arrange a time for pick up that suits you and get paid! That’s it!

Power Scrap Metal offers comprehensive aluminium recycling services, taking care of all the collection, transportation, storage, disposal and recycling for our clients in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. If you have a large amount of aluminium scrap you don’t know what to do with, we are the one who can help.

Why let your scrap aluminum go to waste when you could be recycling it instead? Do your part for the environment and get paid along the way!

We are the aluminium and scrap metal recycling experts in Melbourne

So you want to recycle your scrap aluminium but you don’t know where to start. We are premium scrap aluminium recyclers that will pay you and pick up your aluminium scraps from your property — no fuss. We make the recycling process as simple as possible so that you can get rid of your scrap aluminium and get the money you deserve without delay.

We pay for scrap aluminium in any form, regardless of the aluminum content. We take both ferrous and non ferrous scrap aluminum, as well as a wide range of types. We can accommodate large amounts of aluminium scrap and provide aluminium recycling services for all sorts of industries in Melbourne.

We accept:

  • Extrusion including mixed mill finish, painted and anodised
  • Turnings and general swarf
  • Clean, mixed old alloy sheet aluminium
  • Clean Aluminium Lithographic Sheets
  • Signage boxes
  • Aluminium copper radiators
  • Composite panel
  • Mixed Aluminium castings
  • Automotive wheels
  • Baled or briquetted aluminium cans
  • Cast Aluminium with iron attachments
  • Clean Aluminium cuttings

All the aluminium scrap needs different treatment before recycling. The best part about the recycled aluminium products is that aluminium does not ‘degrade’ during the recycling process and be recycled as many times as possible.

Bring your aluminium scrap to us at our Cheltenham recycling lot or take advantage of our pick up services from anywhere in Victoria! We will check the purity, quality and weight of your scrap aluminium before paying you money to ensure that we give you the best price we can.

Want to see how much your aluminium scraps are worth? Call us at 0405 190 246 for a free quote!

About Power Scrap Metal

We are the metal scrappers that Melbourne trusts.

We have been helping the people of Melbourne get rid of their aluminium scraps for over a decade and are committed to providing the best scrap metal recycling service in the city. We pay the best prices for your metal scrap: stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, lead — the list goes on. If it can be recycled, we will offer you a price.

We provide our aluminium recycling services with a smile and can handle any recycling job, big or small.

Bring your aluminium scrap to us or arrange a pickup service from us. We will check the purity, quality and weight before paying you money. Call us at 0405 190 246 for a free quote.

Sell your scrap metal for money

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