Aluminium Scrap And Recycling

Aluminium is one the most cost-effective metals which can be recycled efficiently. Recycled aluminium is known to use only 5% of energy which is generally needed to create a comparable amount from raw products. Power Scrap Metal deals with collection, transportation, storage, disposal and recycling for all our clients in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

You can sell your aluminium scrap to us : We pay for scrap metal in any form and content of aluminium.

  • Extrusion including mixed mill finish, painted and anodised
  • Turnings and general swarf
  • Clean, mixed old alloy sheet aluminium
  • Clean Aluminium Lithographic Sheets
  • Signage boxes
  • Aluminium copper radiators
  • Composite panel
  • Mixed Aluminium castings
  • Automotive wheels
  • Baled or briquetted aluminium cans
  • Cast Aluminium with iron attachments
  • Clean Aluminium cuttings

All the aluminium scrap needs different treatment before being recycled. The best part about the recycled aluminium products is that aluminium does not ‘degrade’ during the recycling process and be recycled as many times as possible.

Bring your aluminium scrap to us or arrange a pickup service from us. We will check the purity, quality and weight before paying you money. Call us at 0405 190 246 for a free quote.