Bronze is an alloy of copper and very similar to brass. It is less likely that specialised bronze scrap comes for selling and recycling purposes at our facility. THis metal is majorly used for castings and requires precise sorting before resale or processing.

Sell your bronze scrap to us : Bronze is rare, but can come in many forms and combinations with other metals. We collect bronze items, such as,

  • Tools – hammers, wrenches and tools used where sparks are hazardous
  • Marine Fittings – Marine, boat, ship fittings, sometimes ship propellers
  • Bells – These are a cast of bronze
  • Industrial Castings and Bearings – industrial settings
  • Decorative Castings – Decoratives, bronze sculptures, candlesticks

All copper and the alloys are in great demand in the industry. We buy these metal scraps at highly competitive prices and further process it for resale. Our team also assists the clients in collection and identifying the scrap brought to our facility, as part of the complete customer service. Moreover, we also assist our customers to learn how to pre-process and sort bronze scrap for additional profit on the selling value.

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