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  • We Buy All Types

    Of Metal Scrap

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  • We Buy All Types

    Of Metal Scrap

  • Australian Owned

    Fully Licensed

  • Call For Free Quote

    0405 190 246

Are you a car or a vehicle wrecker? Are you looking for scrap dealers to sell scrap metal in Melbourne? If the answer to these questions is a Yes, Power Scrap Metal has a solution for you.

We Buy Scrap Cars and Vehicle From Wreckers.

We provide quick car removal and scrapping services for wreckers throughout Melbourne. We offer easy, quick cash for scrap cars and wrecked vehicles.

Power Scrap Metal has a robust fleet of tow vehicles and crane trucks. Therefore, we are fully equipped to collect the wrecked cars/vehicles.

Moreover, we have also specialised equipment to pick up any sized vehicle that includes wrecked bogged trucks, cars, trailers, caravans or recreational vehicles from your junkyard.

We also accept junk and out of date vehicles and recycle it in a professional, eco-friendly and responsible way. If you are looking for car compaction equipment, we provide it to you. We collect, crush and recycle a large volume of scrap and junk vehicles very efficiently without harming the environment. This service is available for the wrecking industry, farm properties or any industry where large amounts of scrap motor vehicles are available for scrapping.

Sell Scrap Batteries to us!

Wreckers have used batteries laying around. And they are always looking for ways to can efficiently discard the used batteries, as used batteries can have an adverse effect on our environment.

At Power Scrap Metal, we provide a solution for the used batteries. We collect it and dispose of it a responsible manner to reduce its impact on the environment.

Melbourne’s Top Scrap Metal Wreckers and Buyers

Power Scrap Metal is the best option when you need a reliable company to buy and sell scrap metal in Melbourne. We are professional car scrap dealers that provide great customer service with fast payment options.

Buy From Leading Car Scrap Dealers

We buy scrap cars and vehicles from all over Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We buy cars, vans and trucks that have been involved in accidents or are junked.

At Power Scrap Metal, we are committed to providing the best car scrap service possible for all of our customers. Our team is equipped with both tow trucks, and crane mounted equipment that can handle any vehicle to be carried to our junkyard.

We offer quick cash recycling services at competitive rates on scrap metal auctions throughout Melbourne, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

We Pay Instant Cash for Scrap Metals

We provide cash for scrap metals with professional junk car removal services that are eco-friendly and responsible. We efficiently recycle your old vehicle without harming the environment. Our wreckers are available for any industry where large amounts of scrap metal can be found.

Power Scrap Metal : The Best Scrap Metal Wreckers in Town

Our team of best scrap metal wreckers has found an innovative way to reduce environmental footprint. At Power Scrap Metal, we provide the ideal collection and disposal services for used batteries so they can be recycled responsibly to protect our Earth’s natural resources from potential damage caused by these abandoned toxic objects.

Sell Scrap Metal With The Best Car Scrap Dealers

Looking to get rid of that old scrap metal? Sell your scrap metal to us at Power Scrap Metal, where we pay top dollar for your unwanted metal. We’re always open and ready to help you unload your scrap metal, so don’t hesitate to reach us.

Why Choose Power Scrap Metal?

We possess rich experience and professional expertise to remove, transport, and recycle a wide range of metal scrap from a vehicle wreckers’ junkyard. Moreover, we also provide

  • We provide competitive prices in the market.
  • Public weighbridge facilities
  • We sell and buy a massive range of scrap metal from wreckers.

Don’t let your scrap vehicles go to waste in a landfill. Sell it to us for cash! We offer the best prices for junk and scrap cars, and we’ll take care of the towing and disposal. Sell it to us and get paid today!

Please note that the worth of your scrap vehicle depends on the quality and weight of the metal.

Call us at 0405 190 246 for a free quote. Don’t let your scrap vehicles/cars go to waste in a landfill – sell it to us for money!

Sell your scrap metal for money

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